November 15 2015

First official fundraiser organized by a group of students interested in forming a Z-Club [while they're in formation, we're calling them Z-ers]. A used clothing sale raised enough to support three girl-students at Aunty Patricia School  in Sierra Leone.  Some of the warm clothing that was left at the end of the day got sent to Pearson College. There are plans for another coming soon! Many thanks to Phil Nicholls of 2:18 Run for allowing the event to occur in front of the store.

Over 60 attendees; generous donations; fun raffle prizes; great opportunity to meet with some Pearson students and staff; Oak Bay High Z-Club Enthusiasts-- how could it be anything but a great day!

​National Philanthropy Day Gala-November 15, 2016- photo credit Jackflash.Photography

​Twilight Shuffle was amazing- take a look at some of the photos

Here are some random photos from recent events

Zontians and friends raise a glass to Sannee Macfarlane and Eydie Fraser- two Zontians we lost in February 2017

​... photo credit Charles LaVertu

Our Place- 9 March 2017

Photo Credit Jon Funder

A successful Theme Dinner: A Taste of New Zealand