something for your listening pleasure on International Women's Day

​A great Snack and Yack programme-- look forward to more in the near future!

Orange is the symbol for saying NO to violence against women.  Say NO UNite encourages all of us to wear orange on the 25th of each month to raise awareness obout this important initiative.  This can range from a small orange ribbon pinned to a lapel to- well- imaginations run wild!  Zonta International adopted the "Zonta Says NO" campaign tied into Say NO UNite.  Zonta says yes to most other things: education, health care, improving socio-economic status--- but--- NO to violence.

Why is there so much orange on this page?

Zonta and community members work through some questions around child brides. If you had a financial grant to put towards this issue, how would you put this money to work?

Advocacy: too often people forget that this is all about raising awareness. Most people will agree that violence against women is bad, that child brides are at risk, or that education should be available to all. Most people are unsure whether any of this affects them or those close to them, and then there is the question of what can any of us do about it.  Zonta looks for ways to make a difference through raising awareness and having discussions.

December 6, 2014, Zontians remember the 14 women killed on this day 25 years before in a clear instance of gender based violence.